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About Todd

I have always been fascinated by pictures and words. There is a story behind every picture and words create those stories. Sometimes a picture needs no words to tell a story. At other times a picture needs words to tell it’s story. Words sometimes need no pictures to tell a story, other times they enhance the story being told. In my opinion, there is no more powerful combination than words and pictures. I love to combine powerful elements of both to tell a unique story. That is my intention here, to tell unique, yet universal stories.

My story begins when I was a youth exploring the woods behind my grandparents house. I was mesmerized by Nature and all of it’s wonders. Soon after I was bringing a camera with me on a lot of my journeys into the outdoors.  So began my love affair with a camera and how I could make time “stop”. I also took my camera with me on family vacations to The American Southwest, Ireland, Austria and Germany among many other places my travels took me. Looking for unique perspectives and compositions to photograph has always been my goal.

In the late 19980’s I went to Lynchburg College in beautiful Virginia and continued taking photographs. It was there that I discovered my love of creative writing and poetry. After graduating I  worked at American Portraits photographing babies, kids and families and learned from many diverse and wonderful people. I enjoy creating timeless images and memories for people that will last generations and provide happiness for family members.

By the turn of the century, my photography interests had branched out in many directions; from outdoor landscapes to urban street scenes and to many places in between. I captured many incredible Fine Art photographs that are on my Art website and also at

By 2001 my interests in photography and poetry had come full circle as I began creating poetry to combine with my vast library of photographs I have taken over the last 3 decades. I look forward to continue to create timeless images and unique poetry for the world to enjoy. 



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