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Right Now

Someone died today

Perhaps you knew of them

More than likely not

Under a blue sky you forgot

Time is so fleeting

Respect every meeting

This just might be

The last chance you’ll ever see

Take a moment of silence

Someone brake the ice

No need for violence

Waging peace is my vice

You spend a lifetime

Making up your mind

And deciding what to do

There’s no time to rewind

So step inside

To meet your maker

He’s been waiting

To greet your takerImage 




Maybe Tomorrow

Remember tonight

For it’s the start of forever

Forget your past plight

Show me your sweet delight

All I intended to be

Is all you wanted to see

When my final story is told

I need to be free

Along the river of no return

There are no bridges to burn

All that glitters is gold

It’s not your concern

My thoughts are with you

In all that you do

Our future’s on the wind

The past was all you knew

Today has come and gone

Will tomorrow ever arrive

Somewhere yesterday is still alive

Right now is how you surviveImage

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