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Photo of the Day


Floating Face

Fine Art Photography by Todd Breitling



Floating Face

Photo of the Day

Clouds and Foliage

Fine Art Photography by Todd Breitling

Clouds and Foliage Reflection Bellvue Oct 2014

Photo of the Day

Spring Reflection ~ Fine Art Photography by Todd Breitling



Waterdrop Highway

Waterdrop Highway September 2015

Crashing Wave


Who Me?

Recognized reflection

Is that really me?

How did it come to this

Dreams fade then return

Stronger now urgent is the call

Experience makes me wiser

Yet I still see the possibilities

That I conjured long ago

Life diverts into many roads

Were sometimes bound to travel

Understand the signs along the way

Which tell you when to exit

Will you get another chance

To walk this way

Do you like what you see

Have you become all you can be

Over and under

In between the ups and downs

Heading for the open door

What are you waiting for?Image

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