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Photo of the Day

Ghostly Winter Cemetery

Fine Art Photography by Todd Breitling



Ghostly Winter Cemetery

Photo of the Day

Saba Sea View

Fine Art Photography by Todd Breitling



Nina Saba Sea View

Photo of the Day

Mountains and Clouds of Flagstaff 

Fine Art Photography by Todd Breitling




Photo of the Day

Light After Dark

Fine Art Photography by Todd Breitling




Inside The Why

Water drop & Ice ~ Macro Photography by Todd Breitling ~Available for purchase here: The Why Water January 2015

Second Thoughts

Beyond the old oak tree
Along a crumbling rock wall
A moment of deja vu
Suddenly came over you

Sit silently a spell
Listen to the sounds of Summer
In the wind are stories to tell
Of empires that rose and fell

Specters of another time
Revelry is a victimless crime
All that I see
Was meant to be

On your feet again
Wandering the west woods
Carrying all your worldly goods
Each step relieves your pain

You come to a fork in the road
Try to unlock the hidden code
While lightening your load
Your stamina has begun to erode

Unexpectedly your plan went awry
You went right instead of left
Earth’s gravity I do defy
A hasty decision now your bereft

In the gathering darkness
You finally arrive
With unquestioning devotion
You drink my magic potion

Looking back
Over your shoulder
Let’s get together
Before we get much older


Maybe Tomorrow

Remember tonight

For it’s the start of forever

Forget your past plight

Show me your sweet delight

All I intended to be

Is all you wanted to see

When my final story is told

I need to be free

Along the river of no return

There are no bridges to burn

All that glitters is gold

It’s not your concern

My thoughts are with you

In all that you do

Our future’s on the wind

The past was all you knew

Today has come and gone

Will tomorrow ever arrive

Somewhere yesterday is still alive

Right now is how you surviveImage

Calling You

Before the end what will you see

After the beginning where will you go

Travel down empty roads, linger long in revelry

Step away from the madness of the modern day

Walk into the forest

Let it swallow your dismay

Ingest the array of aromas that surround you

Slip into silence and melt into the magic of the moment

Around the bend a babbling brook beckons

Walk west beneath the canopy created by the cosmos

Infinity appears now and then

A lost horizon echoes

Calling you one last time

To join together with the natives of the nation

Tempting you with peyote of the past

And the promise of a new way

America is on the edge

A precarious position indeed

People everywhere are in need

Who will be the hero of the day?Image

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