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Photo of the Day


Summer Garden Scene

Fine Art Photography by Todd Breitling



Summer Garden Scene

Photo of the Day


Sailboat Sunset

Fine Art Photography by Todd Breitling



Sailboat Sunset BI May 2016

Photo of the Day

To The Beach

Fine Art Photography by Todd Breitling



Nina and Millie Run to the Ocean May 2016

Photo of the Day

Fuzzy Wall Creature

Fine Art Photography by Todd Breitling




Photo of the Day

Self Portrait

Fine Art Photography by Todd Breitling



Todd Self Portrait

Photo of the Day

Surprising Collisions

Original Painting by Todd Breitling




Photo of the Day

Spiral Galaxy

Original Painting by Todd Breitling




Photo of the Day

Hocus Pocus

Original Painting by Todd Breitling




Still Life Stories

NinaandMillieonRockWallatSunsetOct2013Counting clouds in the sky

Chasing rainbows in your mind

We should spend our days doing both

Or should we lend the way you see

What’s fractured and frayed

To others who are cracked and dismayed

Could you change it all or

At least control the process

Frequently behind it all

Follow the yellow brick road

Yet you will not find the wizard

However you may see the eye

That stares jealous with envy

Into your soul magic will creep

Sometimes an old lady will weep

If she is left alone with her thoughts

So tell her stories of days gone by

And give her things that can’t be bought

Soon you will share in the glory 

Of spending your days star gazing

Should you choose the still life

Mystery of Memories

I may be the last in line
Yet I am the first to see the sign
High above it’s tangled in the fray
It says we’re going the wrong way
I’ve got the new directions
Follow me I offer no objections
Here in my heart I give no concessions
Surrounded by the sadness of strangers
I feel the pulse of the world
And sense all of its dangers
When life gets in the way
You cross the railroad tracks
To walk along the river
Was it a black cat
That caught your eye
Slippery steps lead into the cauldron
So follow me now
Will Lady Luck light your way
Or will the devil lead you astray
Ancient memories and old identities
Are unforgiving
The mystery of the undead will continue to fascinate the living
Some who still live in scandal and myth
Question the memories that remain
Frozen in the forest of your mind
A drowned man’s shadow
Appears in a teardrop factory

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