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Photo of the Day




“Forgotten Sky”

Original Painting by Todd Breitling




Forgotten Sky Painting 2015


Oil, Acrylic & Epoxy Resin on Canvas

12″ x 24″


More paintings for sale at my website:


Photo of the Day



Oil On Pavement: Comets Tail

Fine Art Photography by Todd Breitling


Greetings Everyone! Now available For Sale on my website is this unique image from my acclaimed Oil On Pavement series, “Comets Tail”. See this image and dozens of others like it at my website listed below. Brighten your home, office or business with this one of a kind image!



Oil On Pavement Comets Tail Website


New Awakenings

Good Afternoon and Happy Martin Luther King Day. What an incredible man, arguably one of the top 5 greatest Americans of All Time….

This pair of Art Leggings “New Awakenings” originates from my Photography series known as “Oil on Pavement”. I have dozens of images of oil mixing with water, ice and other unknown elements on pavement. I am delighted to now offer these unique designs in the form of art leggings. These are perfect for yoga, dance, working out and a day or night on the town. Do them all in style and comfort. Your body is a work of Art, dress it accordingly.

Get your pair at my online store here:


New Awakening Leggings

Work out in comfort with our 3 panel yoga capris featuring our signature performance fabrics that stretch with you and won’t give up! The high-cut foldover waistband gives you versatility, freedom of movement, and comfort making these leggings perfect for everyday wear.

• Leggings made of performance knit fabric (88% polyester, 12% spandex)
• Waistband made of swimsuit knit fabric ( 71%polyester, 29% spandex) for staying power
• Both fabrics manufactured in Canada
• The performance fabric features EcoPoly fiber, this fiber is eco-friendly since it requires significantly less energy and water during manufacturing than conventional polyester
• Every pair of yoga leggings is printed and sewn by hand in Montreal, Canada
• Signature performance fabric is made by a local Montreal mill
• Compression fit, our yoga leggings hug in all the right places and suit all body types
• Vivid print that will never fade after washing, this ultra-stretch fabric holds shape even after multiple wearings
• Waistband can be worn as a high waistband, or folded down to hug your hips
• Easy care, machine wash in cold water with a phosphate free detergent, machine dry on medium to high heat, do not bleach
• Fabric will dry quickly so you can wear your yoga leggings again soon


Photo of the Day


Oil on Pavement: Wizards Eye

Fine Art Photography by Todd Breitling




Photo of the Day


Oil on Pavement: Melting Mirages

Fine Art Photography by Todd Breitling





Photo of the Day

Oil on Pavement: Event HorizonOilonPavementEventHorizonJan09RAW

Fine Art Photography by Todd Breitling

Photo of the Day

Oil Drops on Pavement #5

Fine Art Photography by Todd Breitling

Let the little things color your life

Words by Nina Sherak, Wellness and Law of Attraction Coach


Photo of the Day

Oil on Pavement: In This River ~ Fine Art Photography by Todd BreitlingOilonPavementInThisRiverJan2014

Oil on Pavement : “Endless River”

Oil on Pavement : “Endless River” ~ Available for purchase here: on Pavement Endless River Jan 2015

Oil on Pavement: Honour the Treaties

In support of Neil Young:

I encourage everyone to follow Neil Young on Facebook. Not only is the man a musical genius and the greatest living rock icon alive, he is also a tireless advocate for everything left on the planet that is good and right. Neil Young is currently touring Canada to make people aware of what big government is doing to it’s people and it’s land all for Oil.It’s called Honour the Treaties. Check it out….

Hi. Here’s a letter to the Calgary Herald re Hiroshima and the tar sands from someone who was there. – Neil Young #honourthetreaties

Dear Editor,
Reg. remarks made by Mr. Neil Young comparing the oil sands in Fort McMurray to Hiroshima, I would like to add my comments. I am from Nagasaki which was a-bombed together with Hiroshima. My late sister was one of bomb survivors.

Last fall I was at the Natural History Museum in London and saw the exhibition of WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR(2013) in which a
photography of Tar Sands titled OIL SPOILS by the Canadian photographer Mr. Garth Lenz was displayed as the winner of RUNNER-UP 2013 for the category of World in Our Hands Award.

Although Hiroshima & Nagasaki were both totally incinerated and thousands of people were killed, the aerial photograph of Tar Sands which I saw for the first time is much more scary ,ugly and disturbing than photos of Hiroshima & Nagasaki. I agree with Mr. Young reg.this matter. We should all work to stop the further terrible destruction of the planet.

Michiko SakataImage

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