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After Dark Warmth


Fine Art Photography by Todd Breitling




After Dark Warmth


Feelings fade in between the days

That melt together, one into another

Until you discover that which ought to be

Is already

Until that day, you will find out

How to live to become who you were born to be

After all this way we are here to see

Rejoice, find your voice, savor the sounds

The smiling faces you greet

Sometimes the people you meet

Teach you the lessons you can’t repeat

Friends remain fast and true

Wherever you go there they are

So come one, come all, join together

Before we get much older

Find the one, forgive yourself

Remove the stain and cover the scar

Look for the north star of your soul

Obey your spirit for it is righteous

Guide your mind, protect your body

Visit the ocean and linger long

Breathe the mountains and caress the creek

Sweet purple flowers bloom, wash away the gloom

Remember the magic hour of light, savor it

For it is Buddha’s smile

Kiss the night, embrace it’s darkness

For it is the other half of your divine twilightImage

Embers and Ashes

A pale light clothed the day

Crooked looks linger

Salty tears slide through fingers

Deep within a shallow divide

Lies a secret so strong

Listen to the sorcerer’s song

Afloat in the breeze

Light the lamp hidden in the dark

It’s been waiting for you to walk this way

Follow the path that leads you back

Back to the past you ran away from

Your heart is bleeding and your hope is leading

Into night fall you wake

Asleep at the wheel

A ghost rider applies the brake

Through the windshield you fly

Shards of glass litter the sky

You land on a cloud of blood

Dripping through thunder

You ride the lightning ashore

Righteous rain reveals

A secluded scene

Bathed in the afterglow

Of a glorious battle

On your street of dreams

You walk amidst the images of your life

A blur of faces and places

People you thought you knew

Towns that you outgrew

Too soon it fades and you find yourself alone

Amidst the embers of immortalityImage


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