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Oil on Pavement: Creating your own photography style

Hello All,

It’s been a while, I hope everyone is enjoying their St Patty’s Day.


Creating your own Photography style is an important & ongoing process that allows your viewers, fans and collectors to distinguish you from the masses of other photographers in the world.

The first step in doing this is finding a subject that you love to photograph. Make sure it is something you have frequent access to, so you can practice perfecting your subject, while also showing it in different perspectives and from a unique point of view. 

Second, make sure your subject is interesting and imaginative. For example, find a unique subject like a rare automobile and find a way to bring your viewers in deeper contact with the vehicle, such as shooting the auto from the inside, or on top of it. Or, shoot a mundane subject such as a sneaker, and photograph it from an unusual point of view, such as the sneakers.

This segues into the title of this post: Oil on Pavement. I have found a unique and unusual subject matter that I love to photograph that my viewers and collectors find  mesmerizing. Often, the most beautiful and unique images are found right in our own neighborhood, the key to recognizing this is to keep your eyes and, more importantly, your mind open to seemingly random images above, below and in front of you. Also, ALWAYS carry a camera with you!

Attached is an example of one of my more popular images “Cradle of the World”

Shoot on!     

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