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Photo of the Day

Fence in the Dunes

Fine Art Photography by Todd Breitling



Fence in the Dunes

Photo of the Day

Rocks Wave and Sky

Fine Art Photography by Todd Breitling



Rocks Wave and Sky Block Island

Photo of the Day

Saba Sea View

Fine Art Photography by Todd Breitling



Nina Saba Sea View

Ocean & Sky

Ocean and Sky Above Clayhead Trail BI May 2014

Crashing Wave



Strangers become forever

Suddenly it happened

When you thought it never would

A chance meeting, a change of direction

You blew in with the breeze

Easily you came

Westward the eyes seek

Across a serene scene

Foreign terrain before you

Travel lightly leave no trace

Looking for home

In someone else’s eyes

Seeking shelter from the storm

Raindrops mean redemption

Spring time thaws your heart

That stopped cold at the sight

Of losing what we started

A bonfire of spirits

Sparks ignite the sky

Overhead two stars collide

A new world emerges

Bathed in the blood of the moonImage

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