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Spring Sky

Spring Sky Brandywine Creek St Park April 2015


Leaf In Ice ~Winter 2015

Leaf In Ice February 2015Happy Winter Everyone! ~ Winter provides plenty of great sights if you look close enough ~

You can purchase this image in various styles: on canvas, on metal, greeting cards, iPhone covers, throw pillows and more!

Here is the link:



Oil on Pavement : “Endless River”

Oil on Pavement : “Endless River” ~ Available for purchase here: on Pavement Endless River Jan 2015

Forgotten Worlds

September Sidewalk Leaf

Summer Sidewalk Leaf Sept 2014

Everyone’s Sin

A lifeless legend leaves
Behind a legacy of magic
A relative unknown grieves
For a scene so tragic

The rules don’t bend
For a twist of fate
The world won’t end
Because of your hate

Warning sounds abound
Hazardous to your health
Listen to the sound
Of government stealth

The truth be told
Over a long time ago
The country’s been sold
To people we don’t know

The wind turned to dust
Tawny sun began to rust
Look for me at first light
Meet me in a dream tonight



Second Thoughts

Beyond the old oak tree
Along a crumbling rock wall
A moment of deja vu
Suddenly came over you

Sit silently a spell
Listen to the sounds of Summer
In the wind are stories to tell
Of empires that rose and fell

Specters of another time
Revelry is a victimless crime
All that I see
Was meant to be

On your feet again
Wandering the west woods
Carrying all your worldly goods
Each step relieves your pain

You come to a fork in the road
Try to unlock the hidden code
While lightening your load
Your stamina has begun to erode

Unexpectedly your plan went awry
You went right instead of left
Earth’s gravity I do defy
A hasty decision now your bereft

In the gathering darkness
You finally arrive
With unquestioning devotion
You drink my magic potion

Looking back
Over your shoulder
Let’s get together
Before we get much older


Weekend Walk


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