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Oil on Pavement: Honour the Treaties

In support of Neil Young:

I encourage everyone to follow Neil Young on Facebook. Not only is the man a musical genius and the greatest living rock icon alive, he is also a tireless advocate for everything left on the planet that is good and right. Neil Young is currently touring Canada to make people aware of what big government is doing to it’s people and it’s land all for Oil.It’s called Honour the Treaties. Check it out….

Hi. Here’s a letter to the Calgary Herald re Hiroshima and the tar sands from someone who was there. – Neil Young #honourthetreaties

Dear Editor,
Reg. remarks made by Mr. Neil Young comparing the oil sands in Fort McMurray to Hiroshima, I would like to add my comments. I am from Nagasaki which was a-bombed together with Hiroshima. My late sister was one of bomb survivors.

Last fall I was at the Natural History Museum in London and saw the exhibition of WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR(2013) in which a
photography of Tar Sands titled OIL SPOILS by the Canadian photographer Mr. Garth Lenz was displayed as the winner of RUNNER-UP 2013 for the category of World in Our Hands Award.

Although Hiroshima & Nagasaki were both totally incinerated and thousands of people were killed, the aerial photograph of Tar Sands which I saw for the first time is much more scary ,ugly and disturbing than photos of Hiroshima & Nagasaki. I agree with Mr. Young reg.this matter. We should all work to stop the further terrible destruction of the planet.

Michiko SakataImage

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