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Sleeping Satellite

Silently you step outside yourself

Sideways you look into your heart

There’s a hole in the sky

You would like to fill

By playing your part

A leap of faith no more

Father time a ruthless crook

Where were you when the world shook

Were you behind the sky or above the sea

Whose reflection appeared

When you saw the life you took

Was it someone you knew and chose to dismiss

Or a ghost of the future with visions of grandeur

Sight unseen you linger between

The dark and the dawn

A spectre on the scene

Forgotten by few remembered by all

Your shadow casts a pall

Along the dusty floor you used to walk

Footsteps from the basement of time

Indicate you were here

No one ever knew

Until now

Haunted by memories of a lost paradise

I am just a stranger here or

Am I just a stranger to myself

A leave of absence or a stay of execution

Choose your solution

A shift in the Universe

Uncovers a sleeping satellite

Searching your soul from above

Detecting the depth of your loveImage


New Paintings: “Omniscient No. 1”

This is a recent triptych series I have completed. Image

Who, What & Where?

Who do you turn to

When no one else is around

Who will listen

When you think you heard a sound

What time was it

When I last saw you alive

Freezing you were

On that long deep climb

Where did you go

Beneath the voices in your head

How did you know

They were calling you back

When you were already gone

What did you take with you

To remind us that

No one gets out of here alive

Was it something I said

Or something in your head

That made you walk the road alone

When there was a bright light

Just up ahead why did you

Blow out the candle in the window

What were you thinking when I said maybe tomorrow?Image


Embers and Ashes

A pale light clothed the day

Crooked looks linger

Salty tears slide through fingers

Deep within a shallow divide

Lies a secret so strong

Listen to the sorcerer’s song

Afloat in the breeze

Light the lamp hidden in the dark

It’s been waiting for you to walk this way

Follow the path that leads you back

Back to the past you ran away from

Your heart is bleeding and your hope is leading

Into night fall you wake

Asleep at the wheel

A ghost rider applies the brake

Through the windshield you fly

Shards of glass litter the sky

You land on a cloud of blood

Dripping through thunder

You ride the lightning ashore

Righteous rain reveals

A secluded scene

Bathed in the afterglow

Of a glorious battle

On your street of dreams

You walk amidst the images of your life

A blur of faces and places

People you thought you knew

Towns that you outgrew

Too soon it fades and you find yourself alone

Amidst the embers of immortalityImage


Time will Tell

Order of the oracles

Sweeps across the universe

Luring and procuring

The wisest in the world

Out there on the fringes

Of a world on fire

You will find the magic

That can save us all

Venom and Plants hold the key

To this fraying worlds security

Preserve the rain forest

Protect endangered species

For they in turn will protect us

From ourselves and the diseases

We have created with our greedy culture

Not much is left of the way

Things used to be

Sometime we’re better off living simply

Than simply living large

Too much is at stake now

Will we ever learn or

Are we already too little and too late?Image

Scared to Death

Debut video from my band Always the Enemy~Photography by Todd Breitling;Lyrics by Todd Breitling;Guitar and Percussion by Mason Nyquist~ Hear more music at


Can you forge a new path

Starting with the highway in your head

There’s dust in my eyes from the memory of your demise

Sailing on the winds of wisdom caught you by surprise

Lingering on a lost horizon are the remains

Of the old world littered with lies

Renegade deities preach propaganda while daylight fades

Their hollow words echo inside vacant hearts desperate for direction

Forlorn followers feign forgiveness in exchange for salvation

Listen to the muse within if you want to be free from sin

A tomahawk trance triggers an apocalyptic avalanche

Curious are you?

To see what happens next

A metamorphosis from what I can detect

Pious ways of the past we reject

Individual freedoms we protect

Who among you will object?

We need a new world order to restore order

I’m here to loosen the reins and remove the stains 

Left by careless regimes

Can I count on you at this critical juncture

To help turn the tide world wideImage

Calling You

Before the end what will you see

After the beginning where will you go

Travel down empty roads, linger long in revelry

Step away from the madness of the modern day

Walk into the forest

Let it swallow your dismay

Ingest the array of aromas that surround you

Slip into silence and melt into the magic of the moment

Around the bend a babbling brook beckons

Walk west beneath the canopy created by the cosmos

Infinity appears now and then

A lost horizon echoes

Calling you one last time

To join together with the natives of the nation

Tempting you with peyote of the past

And the promise of a new way

America is on the edge

A precarious position indeed

People everywhere are in need

Who will be the hero of the day?Image

Who Me?

Recognized reflection

Is that really me?

How did it come to this

Dreams fade then return

Stronger now urgent is the call

Experience makes me wiser

Yet I still see the possibilities

That I conjured long ago

Life diverts into many roads

Were sometimes bound to travel

Understand the signs along the way

Which tell you when to exit

Will you get another chance

To walk this way

Do you like what you see

Have you become all you can be

Over and under

In between the ups and downs

Heading for the open door

What are you waiting for?Image



From My “Ascension” Series Oil, Acrylic & Epoxy Resin on Canvas; 12″ x 36″ : Ascension No. 1

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