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Can you forge a new path

Starting with the highway in your head

There’s dust in my eyes from the memory of your demise

Sailing on the winds of wisdom caught you by surprise

Lingering on a lost horizon are the remains

Of the old world littered with lies

Renegade deities preach propaganda while daylight fades

Their hollow words echo inside vacant hearts desperate for direction

Forlorn followers feign forgiveness in exchange for salvation

Listen to the muse within if you want to be free from sin

A tomahawk trance triggers an apocalyptic avalanche

Curious are you?

To see what happens next

A metamorphosis from what I can detect

Pious ways of the past we reject

Individual freedoms we protect

Who among you will object?

We need a new world order to restore order

I’m here to loosen the reins and remove the stains 

Left by careless regimes

Can I count on you at this critical juncture

To help turn the tide world wideImage

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