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Travel Photography Tip 2


Yesterday I discussed what I feel is the most important thing about getting great Travel Photos ;taking your time. Today I will discuss what I will call “The Ask”. When your are in a foreign location it is normal to be curious about your new surroundings. Travel Books such as The Lonely Planet, National Geographic Traveler and Rick Steve’s all provide excellent information. What if you are traveling to a small town in Kansas or Delaware and there is no “tour book” to give you tips on where to visit and what to see. What does one do? Do you walk around town aimlessly? Or do you ask some of the locals what their favorite spots to see are? As known sage and philosopher Forrest Gump said “I think it’s both”.

As I stated in the previous post, it’s always a good idea to have a plan(and a map) before you had out to shoot some photos. However, I feel that you don’t want to have a “set in stone” plan. By that I mean, be flexible, allow serendipity and chance to come into play. Allow a wrong turn to lead you to an unexpected scenario that may create an ideal photo opportunity.Wander around a little bit. Allow your self to get turned around or even lost. The key moment is when to know to ask a local for assistance or what their favorite hidden gem of the town is. Certainly, you want to take in all the advice and tips you can get from locals. Allow them to help you and to give you a few places to possibly check out.Keep in mind, you don’t have to visit all of their suggestions in one day.

Basically, the crux of this post is to allow yourself time to wander aimlessly but also have the common sense to know when to ask a local for suggestions on what is important to see. If you are in a popular location, such as the Caribbean or NYC, for example, try and do both, a little of the guided tour and a little wandering on your own. I believe you will find this experience much more enjoyable than being locked into a guided tour or wandering around lost for hours.

Tune in tomorrow for Travel Tip #3 Below is a photo I came across while wandering around Stockholm. As always, feel free to check out more of my travel photos at my website: Image




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