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With Summer on the horizon and people traveling ,going on vacation and visiting friends and family I thought I would offer some travel photography tips. So each day or so I will give some advice on traveling and putting your self in the best position to take great travel photos. I will also accompany the article with some of my own photographs such as the “Made You Look” photo on the previous blog post.My wife just returned from 5 months in Sweden so I was lucky enough to visit her. It was a great photo opportunity and I will share some of my experiences with you. For a look at some of my photos from Sweden go to my website



When you are traveling you want to see everything your location has to offer and sometimes you feel the urge to rush. DO NOT RUSH. Get yourself a map and plan out your route before you depart. Wear comfortable shoes and bring a camera. After you start walking for a few minutes stop and look around take in your surroundings. TAKE YOUR TIME. Look around you, look above you look below you. Physically turn around. Once you find something that catches your eye, stop. Focus on the subject, breath in. Exhale. Push the button. Take your time. The less motion you make, the less blur in your image. Change your angle.Refocus on the subject.Breathe.Exhale & push the button. Walk some more. TAKE YOUR TIME. Have Fun.Repeat.

Stay tuned tomorrow for more Travel Photography Tips


Attached are some photos that I “found” while taking my time in Stockholm, SwedenImage

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